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    About Us

    The Observance Day Association is a 501(C)3 organization that has operated in Savannah continuously since 1985. Every year the MLK Observance Day Association celebrates the National Holiday honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Like Savannah, communities throughout the world will participate in activities in honor of this American hero. Here in Savannah, the MLK Observance Day Association, Inc. is always in the midst of planning its next Annual Celebration.

    Dr. Martin Luther King helped to change the world through his mission of peace and message of unity. It is in his memory that the MLK Observance Day Association Inc. operates. MLK Observance Day Association purpose is to serve our fellow man and to ensure that Dr. King’s goals of eradicating poverty and injustice prevails.

    Every year the MLK Observance Day Association helps send students from the Savannah area to college. We believe that a college education is one of the best ways to provide our community with the next generation of productive citizens. The MLK Observance Day Association is proud to have a hand in changing the lives of those under served in Savannah and help fund other multiple nonprofit organizations in Savannah such as the West Broad Street YMCA, Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, and Georgia Legal Aid.