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Citywide King Memorial Worship Service

January 15, 2023

Join all your friends, family, and neighbors as we come together to worship
as one at the Citywide Memorial Worship Service. All clergy are invited to participate. We will feature a special guest speaker and soloist performance. The service is free and open to the public.

Join us on
January 15, 2023

5:00 PM
St Paul CME Church
1601 Barnard Street


Rev. Gregory Formey, Pastor

Pastor Gregory Formey is the son of the late Rev. Henderson E. and Eloise C. Formey, the second of seven children.

He graduated in 1971 from Alfred E. Beach High School in Savannah. In 1975, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Williams College, Williamstown Massachusetts. He has also done postgraduate work at an extension of the University of Wales, Birmingham England. More Info.


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