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2024 MLK Civil Rights Activists

Linda M. Carter


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Linda M.Carter was inspired by past Savannah Branch NAACP President Al Scott in 2012 to
become Secretary of the Savannah Branch NAACP and has served on the Executive
Committee for several years, engaging and encouraging Voters to vote in every

She is a lifelong resident ofChatham County, Savannah, public school system and South University graduate with 42 years of Income Tax Preparation, Teaching Tax Law, and Basic Income Tax
Procedures to the Public.

Bethlehem Missionary BaptistChurch is her home church, where she serves as Mission Ministry President under Rev. Paul E. Smith, as my Pastor.

As a 2021 LifetimeAchievement Award Recipient from the Georgia NAACP State Conference President, Rev. James Woodall, her passion, and unrelenting service to the community
through our beloved NAACP continues a lifelong legacy Of Freedom Fighting. With
hope to inspire and empower a new generation to take up the mantle and march
toward justice without fear, guilt, shame, Or inferiority. we understand the legacy.

The Voting Process under the leadership of the late Rev. LouisScott Stell, Jr. sparked the advocacy in her to participate in the Get-Out-The-Vote" phase with Door-to-Door canvassing distributing sample
ballots to the learning and teaching Of the Voter Registration Procedures and Voter Education with The Earl T. Shinhoster Voter Empowerment Campaign for many years. Co-chairing the Political Action Committee with Savannah Branch NAACP past Vice President Richard Shinhoster, phone banking, timekeeper for Candidate Forums and assisting Blind Voters with obtaining and completing their Absentee Ballots, assuring Voters of their Precincts, and coordinating Volunteers along with driving Voters to their voting Precincts on election day are some of the tasks she enjoyed in the political realm.

The summer of 2020 waschallenging for many people, but she continued at the local branch office. With the Savannah Branch being one of few Branches in Georgia with a physical voffice, she not only served Savannah but gave direction to Citizens across the USA who called with issues of voting and inequalities and injustices threatening the importance of their immediate daily living. Under the direction of the late Dr. Wilson Scott, Jr., volunteering with the Red Cross and being deployed to Hurricane Katrina-devastated areas, allowed her to witness firsthand the division that needed a gap closed to provide available assistance to all people without prejudice.

She received a Lifetime Membership in the Savannah Branch NAACP from thelate Dr. Prince Jackson and is currently a Subscribing Gold Life Member of the National NAACP