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2023 MLK Trailblazer

Latasha Barnes

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Latasha Barnes was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. She is a mother of
four and has a passion out of this world for helping children in her own
community. Tasha thrives on, making others smile and giving to those in
need. While her life might be simple, she has overcome numerous obstacles
and always puts the needs of others before her own. As the founder of Save
Our Youth Savannah & Divas Wit Purpose. Latasha's main goal is to serve the
youth & families in her community. It is important for children to have
positive and fully engaging activities to keep them off the street. Latasha
always says I went from being a troubled teen to helping troubled teens.
She's passionate.

One of Latasha's goals is to open a community center for children of all
ages and to be able to provide resources for those in the community.
Latasha has helped thousands of families in her community & continues to
push forward. No mountain is too big and no task is too small for Ms.
Barnes. Latasha is a firm believer in God and her faith has allowed her to
continue to soar within the community. She's a member of the House of
Freedom Worship Center under Pastor Charles O' Berry Sr. & 1st Lady "
Carla O' Berry. She serves with the Youth Ministry She's a jewel to those that
cross her path. She shows love to everyone. She's a blessing. She knows
that too much is required of her and that she can do all things through
Christ. Latasha continues to break barriers and push beyond the status quo.
She's changing & impacting lives wherever she goes.







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